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Cutler Bay Mayoral Candidate- Ed MacDougall

Ed MacDougall

Ed MacDougall

7955 SW 201 Terrace
Cutler Bay, Florida, 33189

-Endorsement Letter from Bernie Cosgrove

-Endorsement article from Cutler Bay news

As a resident of now Cutler Bay since a young boy I have deep roots in our community. My wife Barbara and I have raised our two children and now have four grandchildren, all living in Cutler Bay. My mission is to leave a better community, and a better life. This should be the mission of any parent.

Personal/Professional background:

Viet Nam combat veteran, U.S Army S/F Airborne

Retired Miami Dade Police sergeant, (station 4 Cutler Ridge)

Miami Dade C/C, taught mathematics

Owner/Chairman, Choice One Companies

Vice Mayor, Cutler Bay 2006-Current

Civic History:

Vice chair, Municipal Advisory Committee, pro-forma budget for Cutler Bay

Chair, Charter Committee, Constitution of Cutler Bay

Eight years, Board of directors, Police officers assistance trust

Past chair, South Dade Economic Development Council

Participant, 2002 Old Cutler/Cutler Ridge charrette


Bachelor of Science, FIU Criminal Justice, Studies: Criminal, constitutional, civil law.

I believe that those who seek office should only be interested in bettering their community. One needs only to view candidates past civic record to understand their motivation. Being elected, is not about earning a title, it's about continued service to your community.

I am a constitutionalist. I believe that our birthright to freedom of speech and open government is the cornerstone to our great democratic republic. I want to make sure that we take advantage of the opportunity modern technology provides us and commit to transparency in government. I am committed to this cause. I do not want to see Old Cutler Road become a business district with four story buildings. I see neighborhood stores and restaurants with tree lines streets that our original charrette called for.

I stood firm in not voting to raise taxes. I was the only member of the council to do so. Governments need to be as fiscally responsible as we each have to be at home.

Better parks, better and safer streets, better schools. These should never be promises; these are things which are a given and are our solemn duty.

Favorite quotes:

Thomas Jefferson- "No government should leave its debt to the next generation".

Thomas Jefferson- "Governments should make all efforts to be open to the people"

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